In the New World of Work – newly opened post-pandemic workplace many professional assistants & admins are working and trying harder then ever! But they are still struggling with the changed dynamics, procedures & workload, to negotiate their ‘seat at the table’ and prove their worth.

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Assistants’ Ultimate Guide for Time, Calendar, Change & Stress Management in the New World of Work

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Laura Belgrado – one of the world’s favorite admin mentors, that has inspired and trained thousands of assistants from world-leading companies to excel, shine & thrive even in the hardest global crisis and times.

Take part in the online training that will provide real-time answers to key challenges that world best assistants are facing in the ‘new normal’ & success tips and tricks on how to thrive in the modern-day workplace.

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‘The Profession and Role of the Assistant’ has been changing rapidly the past 10 years. The AI implementation in many companies and Organizations made many Assistants fear for the future of our Role. And then the World was confronted with a Pandemic causing disruption in so many different ways, requiring all of the employees and employers to make rapid adjustments and changes to ensure business continuity, to ensure that employees whenever possible could work remotely.

This webinar created by out top-rated trainer and global PA/EA/Admin mentor Laura Belgrado is a wake-up call for all Assistants and organizations to adjust to the New World of Working

This is the 2 hour training that can change it all! It will help you to enhance your skills and communication style in order to thrive & not just survive!


  • Demonstrate your Worth in the new Workplace – How to become the Ultimate Business Partner
  • Communication & Negotiation Skills – How to excel especially when working remotely
  • Top Skills that we need to focus on starting today
  • Time Management and Calendar Management are now more important – Practical Creative ways to Manage your Executive(s) & cut unnecessary emails
  • New Ways to become an indispensable team member in the NWOW (New World of Work), where the old rules don’t apply & some of the old tasks are gone
  • How to Manage our Executive(s) time differently and more efficiently
  • BE-PREPARED – Upgrade yourself by upgrading your C.V. – Laura shares tips on ‘how to’
  • Networking Power – What does a Professional Network look like? Why is this crucial for your own personal development but also for your Executive(s)
  • Assertive Communication 2.0 – when working remotely many Assistants found it hard to have the same kind of communication with their Executive(s)
  • How to continue to be Motivated and being Resilient – some exercise, tips & guidance on how to build your resilience to stay motivated!


Worldwide recognized Trainer, Coach and Motivational Speaker

Laura Belgrado holds a bachelor degree in ‘Office and Business administration’ and has over 30 years of experience working in an international corporate environment; almost 10 years as EA to the Global MD Strategic Accounts @ Microsoft, 3 years working as an independent consultant and joined Mars Belgium as an Associate in 2014. She recently had the opportunity to follow her Manager in his new Global role as President KIND International for MARS INC. as the Project Coordinator and EA. She has travelled around the globe coaching & training Assistants of all levels. She is a licensed Executive Coach (AoEC and ICF Certified) and is one of Europe’s most sought-after speaker at Global Conferences in various prominent EA associations in the UK, UAE, Europe, USA & Canada. She has a broad/extensive experience working with top global C-level Executives as their trusted EA. In the past 10 years, Laura has been designing & delivering trainings & coaching programs for Assistants, using her own experience but implementing each time new ideas & ways of working. Her workshops have been designed with flexible modules on different topics and Laura’s strength is to create each time tailor-made trainings depending on the need of the audience. Her passion for the Profession of the Assistant together with her determination to create awareness, motivate & inspire is what has touched so many. Laura is a true linguist, fluent with excellent writing & communication skills in 5 languages (Dutch, French, English, German & Spanish). Laura’s innovative ways of working & thinking out of the box will make your Assistants not only grow within their role & find their personal strengths & bring back their awareness of the importance of their role as EA/PA & lead by example. A well trained & motivated assistants will bring a high ROI to any company. It is key for any Assistant to gain new ideas to rethink their WOW (ways of working) to continue to support & assist the great ‘Leaders and Managers’ of today.

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