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  • Secrets of the Award-Winning assistants
  • How Executive Assistants can boost Managers’ productivity
  • Managing workflow in the New Hybrid World of work - new methods
  • Tips & Tricks for Meetings, Inbox & Calendar Management in the hybrid remote workplace
  • How to make You and Your Executive shine
  • Master Business Communication & Negotiation using Neuro-Science
  • The Power of Building business relationships - over phone, email and in person
  • Stress & Time Management tips for times of change and crisis
  • Mindset Mastery to Maximize Performance - the Calm & Agile Assistant
  • How to become the Resilient and Indispencible modern assistant

Thank you again for all the tips & tricks at today’s Executive Assistants’ Bootcamp! Your workshop was inspiring and gave me so many take aways.

Wow, your presentation this morning was incredibly powerful and positive and, without a doubt empowering and encouraging. I absolutely loved it! It really is about how we think and look at our projects and dealing with unconscious bias. Wow. Very eye opening. I just wish that a few of friends and colleagues could have attended today because they too would have loved it. I cannot thank you enough.

I attended your session at the Executive Assistants’ Bootcamp last week and enjoyed your session and am working on implementing some of your tips into my everyday processes including 10/10/10 rule, mindfulness, and approaching challenges as opportunities. Thank you.

I thoroughly enjoyed your excellent training and would highly recommend you for continued education. I felt that I learned a wealth of applicable information for both my current and growing professionalism as a competent Executive Assistant. You were well spoken, enthusiastic, current, exceptionally knowledgeable, responsive to questions and kept the group interactive and participating in the class content. I felt that you and the content were well worth both the time and investment for my employer.

I learned so much from the sessions today and I can’t wait to see where my journey goes from here. What an incredible accomplishment and thank you for sharing your knowledge and expertise within the industry. You make me feel inspired!

Thank you for your presentation. It was fun and interesting. I appreciate your point of view and I could listen to you talk all day. I just love your accent. Thank you again.


  • Session 1: Top skills for the Modern, Agile and Indispensable Assistant in the new hybrid workplace

    • Understanding your own behavioural style – key factor in effective leadership support and partnership
    • How to work with different personality types from co-workers and clients
    • Change Management: How to work with different management styles
    • Being a change agent – practical steps in overcoming resistance to change: Improve communication and reduce conflict between individuals and teams
    • Techniques and approaches to build resilience
    • Appreciate your own and others strengths and weaknesses
    • Understand yourself, your boss and your colleagues
    • Tips & Tricks for Meetings, Inbox & Calendar Management in the hybrid remote workplace
  • Session 2: How Top-Performing PAs/EAs boost Managers’ productivity

    • How to make you and your manager shine
    • he 4 different styles of behaviour
    • Position your role in the new dynamic workplace: Understanding your own natural behavioural style is a key factor in effective leadership and partnership
    • Collaborate to innovate: Recognize the different styles in others and understand how best to work with them
    • Position your role in the new dynamic workplace: Learn to style-flex to engage with and influence others
    • How to use your emotional intelligence to manage your responses: Build rapport and improve relationships
    • Improve communication and reduce misunderstanding
    • Problem-solving techniques: Reduce conflict between individuals and team
    • Dealing with difficult people at work
  • Session 3: Mastering Business Communication & Negotiation using Neuroscience & EQ

    • Describe what emotional intelligence is and why it is important at work
    • Emotional intelligence self-assessment
    • Recognize emotions and how they affect your behavior
    • Learn about your values – a thought provoking and practical exercise
    • Learn 5 core emotional competencies at work
    • Use the ‘STOP’ technique to remain calm, flexible and professional
    • Practical 3 minute mindfulness exercise for wellbeing
    • Develop highly effective resilience habits
    • Learn about influence and control
    • Stress and Time Management tips to help every day and in times of crisis
    • Understanding your values and leading in the VUCA world
    • Negotiation Tools for phone, online, written and in-person communication with clients, colleagues or collaborators
  • Session 4: Secrets of an Award-Winning Assistant: How to future-proof your role & career

    • Managing Self & Leading others
    • Self-awareness – Practical exercises to understand yourself and your values
    • Johari Window explained and ‘BOOST’ model for giving feedback
    • Relationship building – Sue France’s ‘SixEss for Success’ model – how to communicate to influence and build rapport
    • How to ‘future-proof’ your role – The Ultimate Career Tips of an Award-Winning Assistant
    • Live Q&A – Real Assistants, Real Problems, Real Solutions

Secrets of the Award-Winning assistants

How Executive Assistants can boost CEOs productivity

How to make You and Your Executive shine

Master Business Communication & Negotiation using Neuro-Science

Stress & Time Management tips to save every day and in times of crisis

How to ‘future-proof’ your role & career

Expert Trainer


The UK Times Crème/DHL PA of the Year 2006

Author of award winning “The Definitive Personal Assistant & Secretarial Handbook” 

& “The Definitive Executive Assistant & Managerial Handbook”

Finalist – International Business Woman of 2012

Finalist n the European Smart PA of the Year 2007

Judge for PA of the year awards

UK Chairman European Management Assistants networking

Fellow of the Institute of Administrative Management

Certified TetraMap® Facilitator – behavioural profiling

Certificate in life coaching, NCFE & Newcastle College

Certified Neuro Linguistic Programming Practitioner

Editorial board member & article author for ‘Executive Secretary’ magazine and other publications

Sue France is an internationally renowned motivational speaker, coach and trainer and the author of the successful worldwide books: The award winning book – “The Definitive Executive Assistant & Managerial Handbook” – published November 2012 was voted as the best book for a PA by Member’s Voice Awards, PA 2015 and “The Definitive Personal Assistant & Secretarial Handbook” – the 3rd edition published August 2015 (now including neuroscience) voted 2ndin the Member’s Voice awards. Both books have been endorsed by The Institute of Administrative Management and both are used on business administration courses and by secretarial colleges as required reading.

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Priceless to get a relevant reminder of how important our job is to organisations. Lovely tips and personal experiences to share! Thank you for this new encouragement!

Super fun, interesting and extremely valuable class, thank you.

This is an amazing training which reminds us that being an assistant is important and we need to respect ourselves to be respected.

Good structure (exercises, interactions), new inputs, fresh and developed methods.

Thank you for the great session. So refreshing! Glad to hear examples from various companies.Great organization, thank you.

Very entertaining & funny! What a confidence boost!

The day was full of new and useful information. The group activities allowed us to hear different opinions and solutions. Thank you Smart Events!

Thank you for this great experience Smart Events!

Loved the seminar! Could listen Laura for weeks! Found a new love for my job and once again I’m proud of what I do and of what I achieved as an executive assistant. I will definitely come back for another seminar by Smart Events!

The best training I have attended so far. Thanks Smart Events!

Very motivational and great speaker! Great information and felt rejuvenated and passionate again about my job!

This was the best conference that I attended!!! Thank you so much I can’t wait to put the things I’ve learned into practice.

Laura is an excellent speaker, easy to understand. Provided wonderful experiences and examples.

This seminar has changed my life! I am going to recommend to every EA at work. So glad I came. Thank you!

Extremely relevant. I feel more confident with my capacities after today thank you!

This has been a very exciting course! I would definitely recommend this curse to other EA’s

Looking forward to putting the new skills to good use.

Really really interesting & give me the strength to go further & improve my position.

Event very well organized. Laura is inspiring, brilliant, smart & funny! Really appreciated the training, thank you!

Very passionate, inspiring and motivating. Thank you.

This was a wonderful opportunity to develop a new perspective on the EA role.

Amazing! WOW! Exceeded my expectations! Remotivated me to become the EA I know I am!

Thanks a lot! Very interesting Masterclass.


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