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Executive And Administrative Assistants’ Masterclass

Become an Office Rockstar – Strategies from my “Playbook”

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Debbie Gross – Award-Winning Assistants’ Mentor & Author of “The Office Rockstar Playbook”

As the former Chief Executive Assistant to the CEO of Cisco, a Fortune 500 company based in Silicon Valley, Debbie Gross increased her CEO’s productivity by 40%. Today she is dedicated to helping professional assistants just like You reach new performance and career heights!

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This Specialized Virtual Masterclass is for every ambitious Executive Assistant, Management Support Professional, Team Assistant, Project Assistant or Admin that wants to truly excel in their jobs, reach their professional goals and future-proof their careers!

This Masterclass will help you create impact, get the recognition you deserve, level up your skills & effectiveness with the latest hacks and to ultimately reach your career goals!

This Workshop is all about Taking Acceptable to Exceptional while becoming the Next Level Executive Assistant or Admin – Competent, Appreciated & Indispensable!


How I levelled up as an Executive Assistant and helped my CEO build a multi-billion dollar company

Become an Office Rockstar – Strategies from my Playbook

Learn How to think like an Executive – Understanding top management priorities and working styles

Getting past roadblocks that get in the way of the business relationships

Time & Calendar Management Hacks for the Hybrid workplace

The Art of Effective Business Communication that gets You to the feedback You want

Become the Next Level Executive Assistant or Admin – Competent, Appreciated & Indispensable!

How PAs/EAs can boost CEO’s productivity by 40%?


Session 1: Understanding the executives’ working styles, management goals and priorities on a deeper, richer and strategic level

Discovering the strategies to grow a stronger relationship between the executive assistant and the executives she/he supports:

  • Using observation for greater insight into the executive’s world
  • How to close partnership gaps by working with similarities and differences
  • Getting past roadblocks that get in the way of the relationship
  • Techniques and strategies to discover the executives’ goals & priorities

Session 2: Strategies and tactics to increase the executives’ overall effectiveness & become a true business partner

Transforming the executive assistant from being just a support person to a “strategic’ administrative business partner:

  • Learning how to think like the executive
  • Discovering how to “optimize” the executive’s time through preparation
  • Using time management strategies to increase the executive’s productivity
  • Time & Calendar Management Hacks

Session 3: The Art of Effective Business Communication that gets You to the feedback You want

Building a greater partnership with the executive and others using powerful communication strategies for greater success:

  • Understanding the diverse communication styles of others and how to apply that to the relationship
  • The power of acknowledging and use positive words
  • Effective emails that get results and response

Expert Trainer

Debbie Gross knows that administrative excellence is about more that juggling schedules and managing tasks. An intuitive leader, she offers a fresh approach to teaching administrative professionals how to upgrade their soft skills and build confidence. Whether on stage or in the classroom, she has an innate ability to transform staff into leaders, drawing out their inner “Office Rockstar.”

As the former Chief Executive Assistant to John Chambers, the past CEO of Cisco – a global corporation based in Silicon Valley – Debbie supported the company’s growth from a multimillion-dollar business to a multibillion-dollar enterprise. Known as John’s “right hand,” she increased his productivity by 40 percent.

Debbie designed initiatives and programs that helped the global administrative community at Cisco grow and thrive. Now she is using her thirty years of experience to help the next generation of administrative professionals’ transition from overwhelmed task managers to strategic business partners.

She has spoken globally and conducted interactive workshops and motivational talks at companies such as Cisco, Veritas, Facebook, FedEx, Comcast, and Intel. Debbie does not just share information – she inspires and incites greatness. Her distinctive teaching style blends creativity, fun, and new thought processes to help administrative professionals gain a greater satisfaction, recognition, and promotions.

For her passion and advocacy, the Admin Awards of Silicon Valley presented her with Colleen Barrett Award, the highest recognition given for administrative excellence.

Debbie genuinely cares about each one of her clients and her ‘one-of-a-kind’ approach to training transforms a good administrative professional or executive assistant into someone who is an amazing and true business partner!

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Excellent speaker and motivator. After this summit, I am looking forward to apply and experiment everything I have learned. Very inspiring and refreshing. I feel empowered and energized. Great tips and tricks. Thank you!
Excellent seminar! Sue France is a captivating speaker, kept my full interest at all times.
Sue was very interesting, loved her stories and learned a lot through her life experiences.

I got my drive and motivation to move forward, plan my actions, do things differently and better. So thank you for today!

It was really inspirational to listen and understand how to be a PA and become a successful role model, trainer and woman!  The seminar helped me to believe that I am on the right way to my bright future! Thank you Sue!

“Sue is a fantastic trainer!!! She delivered Secretarial Training to the ladies in our office and she kept it interesting and fun whilst also informative and extremely helpful. Her tips and skills were passed on from her extensive experience and her enthusiasm rubbed off on us all. I would highly recommend her.”

Seminar was full of new and useful information. The group activities allowed us to hear different opinions and solutions.

Fantastic information and great networking opportunity!

Excellent Summit, very well organized, documented, funny and interesting. Thank you!

Sue is fantastic, everything she talked about was helpfu

Found the seminar to be both engaging and interactive, which for me is a great way to learn new things as well as find out ways to improve on what I already know.

I was recently fortunate enough to attend one of Sue France’s workshops at the Behind Every Leader Conference in California. I would highly recommend any chance you can get to attend a workshop or read her books “The Definitive Personal Assistant & Secretarial Handbook,” and “The Definitive Executive Assistant & Managerial Handbook.”

Love how interactive the seminar is! The speaker is fun and so interesting to listen to, I loved all her stories.

Sue is a wonderful motivational speaker. I left the day very satisfied and refreshed.

Very interesting and informative. Great tips and tricks!

Thank you for the training in Dubai, it was pleasure meeting you I learned so much from the training it was encouraging, innovative.


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    – Certificate by Smart Events International (physical document shipped to home / office)
    – Lifetime Access to Admins Chat event
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