Step-by-Step guide: How to log in to our webinars

Please check the “Confirmation for Registration email from your Smart Events contact person. You’ll notice there is login link and password:

1. Copy the provided online event link in your browser.

2. In the white field on the right, copy the provided password by the organizer and click Enter on your keyboard.

3. When the pop-up window appears, type your email in the text box and click Enter or in the green arrow on the right

4. Select checkbox “I Agree” and click on Join Event button.

5. When the pop-up window appears type your name and click the “Register” button

6. You will see this “Check your email” sign and please open your email

7. Please open you email. You will receive a message

From: Crowdcast

Subject: Your login link from Smart Events International’s event.

If you can’t see it, please check your Spam folder.

8. Open the email and click on the bog orange “Confim & Sign in” button

9. Once you do this a new tab in your browser will open where you’ll see the countdown till the live broadcast

10. Wait for the speaker/host to start the broadcast and Enjoy the event!

Need further assistance? Reach out team anytime at:

1 (877) 408 – 8308 Toll free US & Canada

+1 607 545 4208 USA office

+ 38971262192 Europe office / whatsup



TW: @TheSmartEvents