Tony Morris

  • International Sales Trainer and Speaker known as “The Sales Doctor”
  • Successfully trained over 5000 sales professionals from 64 industries
  • Author of 3 business books, each with 5* reviews!
  • Extremely Practical, Experienced and Entertaining

Tony Morris is the Managing Director of the Sales Doctors, one of the market leading sales training companies in the UK. With 18 years of success in sales, he has helped over 5,000 sales professionals across 65 industries exceed their goals.

Tony is considered by many to be one of the leading sales experts in the UK and has achieved incredible results with his clients. He is a sought after speaker and travels around the Globe engaging his audiences with key notes on a variety of sales related subjects.

Tony is well known as ‘The Practical Guy’ as everything he delivers in his talks is practical and based on real life and his audience is able to implement new techniques immediately and start achieving great results.

Tony has written for a number of publications including Talk Business, London Evening Standard, Manchester Evening News and the Sales Initiative Magazine. He is the author of 3 sales books: Coffee’s for closers, Dear Sales Doctor and The Perfect Sales Call. Each have achieved 4* and 5* book reviews across numerous business magazines and journals.

He has also spoken for Vistage and the ISMM. He is a member of the PSA (Professional Speaking Association) and speaks for them as well.

Speaking Topics

Sales Success Masterclass
My best failure
What’s your tomato soup?
The whale is calling
The Ritz approach
The Ritz approach


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