This online masterclass is for those modern professional HRs that want to be the moving force of positive, agile and productive change of the new workplace, while providing up-to-date solutions and easy-to-do methods for any company size, while being popularly accepted by both management and every employee! 

Advanced HR Masterclass

Rethinking HR Practices for the Post Covid19 Workplace

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In the past decade thousands of professionals took part in the masterclasses & conferences organized by Smart Events International in Europe, USA & Canada and rated them with average score 4.91 out of 5 for program, trainers and organization.

But as our trainer Tim Ringo has been training hundreds of Human Resources Managers, Consultants, Business Partners, Recruiters – the global trends in HR are changing now faster than ever, and the key is to Analyze, Rethink and Be Prepared!

This is the 4 hour workshop that can change it all – and help you be more prepared, innovative & strong in the upcoming period!

Get New Ideas, Tools & Solutions for the new post-pandemic workplace

Crises often knock us onto a different path, and the COVID19 crisis is no different. Some argue that when it comes to the workplace, the current crisis has changed the world of work forever, and for the better. This workshop will explore the changes to the workplace and the workforce giving your concrete ideas, tools and actions to take advantage of the new workplace realities.


We all could use some good news at the moment, and here it is:  It is certain that the current COVID-19 crisis will eventually pass…the question is, are you ready?

The role of Human Resources professionals will be more important and more complex than ever! And Crisis Management will be an essential skill for every human resource professional.

Now is an ideal time for a world-wide “reset” in the way we work. The coming economic recovery creates a critical requirement that we all do our part to “work smarter” to get the world economy back on its feet, quickly. HR Managers will need to support both demanding executives, and more stressed out employees, in a workplace that has new rules, new critical points, but also new opportunities.

Research says that the way the HR department handles this crisis situation will mark the organisation’s image, culture and branding for decades to come. Now it’s the time for every HR manager, consultant or business partner to Step Up, Rethink and Be Prepared for the new world of work!

Join our webinar to equip yourself with some latest Tips & Tricks from an experienced expert, that has helped hundreds of companies through, and after recessions.


Based on Tim Ringo’s book, Solving the Productivity Puzzle (Kogan Page, July 2020) this innovative and interactive webinar is designed to give you new ideas and solutions to improve planning, people engagement and performance in your organization, including solutions in the areas of:

  • Clear understanding of key trends and opportunities on the horizon – Case studies of organizations adopting change and maximising benefits of it
  • Lessons from past crisis: 9/11 and other recessions that shook the workplace
  • Crisis Management – HR professionals most essential skill for the next period
  • An approach and conclusions on how to adapt your HR Operating model to new realities
  • An understanding of the increasing importance of workforce wellness and diversity
  • An understanding of the role of the new technology in the changing workplace
  • A roadmap for change and a simple business tool, to make the case
  • How to be a resilient and indispensable Human Resources Manager in times of Crisis

Webinar Format

  • 4 hour of prominent up-to-date content, interactive discussions and exercises
  • Compelling presentation with newest data, research and case studies
  • Virtual exercises with digital participants’ guide
  • Live discussions, polling, Q&As
  • Certificates issued to all participants at the end


Tim Ringo is a world-renowned human capital thought-leader, senior executive, author and board advisor; his latest book is Solving the Productivity Puzzle: How to Engage, Motivate and Develop Employees to Improve Individual and Business Performance.

He is a chartered FCIPD, is an executive, board advisor, author and popular conference speaker, based in London, whose career of over 30 years’ in HR management consulting and HR software, gives him a unique perspective on how engaged people harnessing smart technology is transforming the world of work.

He is former executive at SAP SuccessFactors and former Global HR Leader at IBM and also high rated speaker and trainer on conferences in USA, Europe, China and India, featured in The New York Times, Wall Street Journal, The Spectator.

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