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Boost your career and skills set with this ultimate workshops combo that will help you Level Up, Upskill & Discover the most relevant Tips & Tricks for the new hybrid workplace. We want You to step up & Sign up because we have:

  • May 12 & 13, 2021

    1 PM ~ 5 PM EDT

    May 12 & 13, 2021

    10 AM ~ 2PM PDT Time Zone (Los Angeles, San Francisco)

    1 PM ~ 5 PM EDT Time Zone (New York, Boston, Toronto)

    7 PM ~ 11 PM CEST Time Zone (Paris, Amsterdam, Berlin)

At this Exclusive 2-day Professional Assistants’ Bootcamp our speakers – world best admin mentors will help you DISCOVER:

  • How to level up from Executive Assistant to Strategic Management Partner to your executive
  • Best practises in Time Management & Collaboration in the new Hybrid Workplace
  • Unleash your Brain Power to Master Business Communication & Negotiation
  • How to become the ‘tech-savvy’ assistant in no time
  • Latest Tips & Tricks in Microsoft TeamsTM Microsoft OutlookTM
  • How to ‘future-proof’ your career in the world of AI & increased competition


List of Workshops

1:10 – 2:15 PM (EDT)

How to grow from Executing to a Strategic Business Partner to Your Executive

with Laura Belgrado

In the New World of Work our roles have changed from executing tasks to becoming true Strategic business partners.  Executive assistant’s, Administrative professionals’ authorities and responsibilities have evolved much beyond calendar, meeting & travel management. Time management, project coordination and energy management for your Executive(s) is now more important than ever!

In this session you will discover:

  • Negotiation & Influencing Skills for Professional Assistants
  • Adaptability, flexibility & a Pro-active approach: Do it Scared but Do it Prepared!
  • How to adopt an Agile mindset in the Changing world of work
  • How to stand out from the crowd and create your own branding!

2:15 – 3:00 PM (EDT)

Latest Tips in MS Outlook for professional Assistants & Admins

with Lizebeth Koloko Green

The modern, sophisticated and ambitious Executive Assistants, Administrative Assistant & Admins have always been virtuous in using office software. In the new workplace, where people are distanced but not disconnected, the tech-savvy admin is needed more than ever! One of world most popular admin tech trainers Lizebeth Koloko Green will demonstrate for you the latest tips and tricks on how to:

  • Discover latest MS Outlook functionalities that you only need for your job
  • Manage your Inbox like a pro
  • Optimize your agenda and save time scheduling meetings using “Findtime” and virtual assistant “Cortana” (calendar help).
  • Understand how you can benefit from Outlook integrations with other powerful tools such as Microsoft OneNote and Microsoft To Do

You will be able to make as many LIVE questions that our trainer will answer and also share a Manual with all questions & Instructions shared at the end.

Lizebeth Koloko

3:15 – 4:00 PM (EDT)

Time Management and Collaboration in the new Hybrid Workplace

with Laura Belgrado

Our Remote Working Specialist Laura Belgrado, whose remote working skills origin from her time with Microsoft Corporation in the 90s will share the most practical Tips & Tricks for the remote workplace:

  • Collaboration and communication when working remote with your Executive’s and Teams.
  • How to avoid e-mail overload and e-mail Ping Pong
  • Creative ways to receive and give feedback to and from your Executive – keeping it simple, clear and straight to the point.
  • How to manage executive’s priorities and energy management
  • How to adopt an assertive communication style to take on a leadership approach
  • Leading online meetings like a Pro
  • How to Present with Confidence & creating visibility within your teams and organisation
  • Networking tips 2.0

4:00 – 5:00 PM (EDT)

Latest Tips & Tricks in Microsoft Teams for professional Assistants & Admins

with Lizebeth Koloko Green

Again our amazing tech trainer – Lizebeth Koloko Green, licenced Microsoft Office Specialist will demonstrate the latest tips & tricks you need to Master all your meetings & Bring Team Collaboration to Life using MS Teams.

Our trainer will make a Live demonstration on how to:

  • Manage your environment
  • Master your Teams
  • Manage your Files
  • Tips for before & after meetings

You will be able to make as many LIVE questions that our trainer will answer and also share a Manual with all questions & Instructions shared at the end.

Lizebeth Koloko

1:00 – 3:00 PM (EDT)

Unleash your Brain Power to Master Business Communication & Negotiation

with Sue France

You will learn tips from neuroscience so you can understand yourself and your ‘opponent(s)’ and the best way to influence others.

By the end of the negotiation you will be able to:

  • Explain and apply 4 stages of the negotiation process – Prepare, Open, Discuss and Close
  • Recognise the skills and behaviours associated with successful negotiation
  • Understand the brain to enable effective negotiation
  • Learn brain friendly techniques for success
  • Learn how to apply the negotiation techniques to different personality styles
  • Complete the negotiation wheel of learning and motivational tool to help you achieve your goals

3:00 – 3:30 PM (EDT)


3:30 – 5:00 PM (EDT)

Is Alexa really stealing your job? How to future proof your career

with Rhonda Scharf

Artificial intelligence is taking over our lives. Ask Alexa to call a client or confirm your schedule for the day, and Alexa will do just that immediately. Ask her a question, give her a command, or just share a joke together, and she becomes your new best employee.

Is Alexa stealing YOUR job? Does our future include a life without administrative support? Should you be worried about your future?

Here is what you’ll learn in this session

  • What you need to do to ensure that Alexa does not steal your job
  • What is unique and special about you?
  • What skills are needed and what skills aren’t needed in the future? Keeping yourself current is imperative to surviving the AI Revolution
  • Future proofing your career


Worldwide recognized Trainer, Coach and Motivational Speaker

Laura Belgrado holds a bachelor degree in ‘Office and Business administration’ and has over 30 years of experience working in an international corporate environment; 10 years as EA to the Global MD Strategic Accounts @ Microsoft, 3 years working as an independent consultant and joined Mars Belgium as an Associate in 2014. Laura had the opportunity to follow her Executive 2,5 years ago already his new Global role as President KIND International for MARS INC. as the Project Coordinator and EA. She has travelled around the globe coaching & training Assistants of all levels. She is a licensed Executive Coach (AoEC and ICF Certified) and is one of Europe’s most sought-after speaker at Global Conferences in various prominent EA associations in the UK, UAE, Europe, USA & Canada. She has a broad/extensive experience working with top global C-level Executives as their trusted EA. In the past 14 years, Laura has been designing & delivering trainings & coaching programs for Assistants, using her own experience but implementing each time new ideas & ways of working. Her workshops have been designed with flexible modules on different topics and Laura’s strength is to create each time tailor-made trainings depending on the need of the audience. Her passion for the Profession of the Assistant together with her determination to create awareness, motivate & inspire is what has touched so many. Laura is a true linguist, fluent with excellent writing & communication skills in 5 languages (Dutch, French, English, German & Spanish). Laura’s innovative ways of working & thinking out of the box will make your Assistants not only grow within their role & find their personal strengths & bring back their awareness of the importance of their role as EA/PA & lead by example. A well trained & motivated assistants will bring a high ROI to any company. It is key for any Assistant to gain new ideas to rethink their WOW (ways of working) to continue to support & assist the great ‘Leaders and Managers’ of today.

Lizebeth Koloko

Lizebeth Koloko

Millennial Microsoft Expert Office 365 | Microsoft Office Specialist Outlook, OneNote, and PowerPoint

Lizebeth Koloko-Green is the CEO & Founder of ANWOW (Adopt New Ways of Working). She is also an Executive Assistant at Nutanix France and has over 20 years of experience working in international corporate environments, including Symantec France and Areda Computer Systems. She holds a degree in Office Management from the University of Paris Créteil and is certified as a Microsoft Office Specialist in Outlook, OneNote, PowerPoint, and Word, and is bilingual in French and English.

Lizebeth is very passionate about learning and teaching Information Technology Software and often trains Executives, Sales Reps, and Administrative Professionals on Microsoft OneNote, Microsoft Outlook, Microsoft Teams, Microsoft PowerPoint, and other Office 365 Apps, as well as lecturing and speaking at conferences and events. She is a proud member of IMA France (International Management Assistants Network), IAAP (International Association of Administrative Professionals) and PANSA (Platinum Assistant Network – South Africa).

Lizebeth was selected to represent France in the 2018 World Administrators Summit in Frankfurt and the 2021 World Administrators Summit in Wellington, New Zealand.

Lizebeth grew up in Fremont, California, but was born in Paris, France, where she currently resides with her eight-year-old daughter, Aaliyah. In her spare time, she loves studying and learning foreign languages and new information technologies. She is currently studying German and Mandarin Chinese.


The UK Times Crème/DHL PA of the Year 2006

Author of award winning “The Definitive Personal Assistant & Secretarial Handbook” 

& “The Definitive Executive Assistant & Managerial Handbook”

Finalist – International Business Woman of 2012

Finalist n the European Smart PA of the Year 2007

Judge for PA of the year awards

UK Chairman European Management Assistants networking

Fellow of the Institute of Administrative Management

Certified TetraMap® Facilitator – behavioural profiling

Certificate in life coaching, NCFE & Newcastle College

Certified Neuro Linguistic Programming Practitioner

Editorial board member & article author for ‘Executive Secretary’ magazine and other publications

Sue France is an internationally renowned motivational speaker, coach and trainer and the author of the successful worldwide books: The award winning book – “The Definitive Executive Assistant & Managerial Handbook” – published November 2012 was voted as the best book for a PA by Member’s Voice Awards, PA 2015 and “The Definitive Personal Assistant & Secretarial Handbook” – the 3rd edition published August 2015 (now including neuroscience) voted 2ndin the Member’s Voice awards. Both books have been endorsed by The Institute of Administrative Management and both are used on business administration courses and by secretarial colleges as required reading.

Find out more at

Rhonda Scharf

Rhonda Scharf is an award-winning Professional Speaker, Trainer, and Author, based in Ontario, Canada. She has spoken to tens of thousands of people in dozens of different countries. She conducts on-site training, keynote speeches, regular seminars and coaching to a variety of clients with a unique specialty in Administrative Professionals. She has walked in your shoes and teaches reality, not theory.She is very active within the administrative community and its various associations. She is known as the “go-to” person for Administrative Professionals and widely known and respected for her approach and solution-based information.

Her high profile list of clients include Compaq, The Canadian Olympic Association, Procter and Gamble, The Bill Gates Foundation, Sony, Mercedes-Benz, Barclays Bank, Royal Bank Merchant Visa, Deloitte & Touche, Tasweek, Dolphin Energy, Canadian Department of Justice, DuPont Pharmaceuticals, Society of Obstetricians and Gynecologists of Canada, Department of National Defence Canada, The International Monetary Fund, and many other large and small organizations worldwide.

After college, she worked full time starting as a receptionist but worked her way up (several EA jobs) to be Executive Assistant to one of the Senior Vice Presidents of a national real estate company. She has worked in the trenches of office administration, dealing with all types and levels of executives. For the last 25 years, Rhonda has specialized in helping Administrative Professionals to thrive in their work environment, emerging at the end of the day with a smile and a sense of accomplishment.

Rhonda is also a respected author and has recently published her eighth book all focused on the EA/PA/Admin community.

Insightful… Humorous… Entertaining… even Contagious…

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Priceless to get a relevant reminder of how important our job is to organisations. Lovely tips and personal experiences to share! Thank you for this new encouragement!

Super fun, interesting and extremely valuable class, thank you.

This is an amazing training which reminds us that being an assistant is important and we need to respect ourselves to be respected.

Good structure (exercises, interactions), new inputs, fresh and developed methods.

Thank you for the great session. So refreshing! Glad to hear examples from various companies.Great organization, thank you.

Very entertaining & funny! What a confidence boost!

The day was full of new and useful information. The group activities allowed us to hear different opinions and solutions. Thank you Smart Events!

Thank you for this great experience Smart Events!

Loved the seminar! Could listen Laura for weeks! Found a new love for my job and once again I’m proud of what I do and of what I achieved as an executive assistant. I will definitely come back for another seminar by Smart Events!

The best training I have attended so far. Thanks Smart Events!

Very motivational and great speaker! Great information and felt rejuvenated and passionate again about my job!

This was the best conference that I attended!!! Thank you so much I can’t wait to put the things I’ve learned into practice.

Laura is an excellent speaker, easy to understand. Provided wonderful experiences and examples.

This seminar has changed my life! I am going to recommend to every EA at work. So glad I came. Thank you!

Extremely relevant. I feel more confident with my capacities after today thank you!

This has been a very exciting course! I would definitely recommend this curse to other EA’s

Looking forward to putting the new skills to good use.

Really really interesting & give me the strength to go further & improve my position.

Event very well organized. Laura is inspiring, brilliant, smart & funny! Really appreciated the training, thank you!

Very passionate, inspiring and motivating. Thank you.

This was a wonderful opportunity to develop a new perspective on the EA role.

Amazing! WOW! Exceeded my expectations! Remotivated me to become the EA I know I am!

Thanks a lot! Very interesting Masterclass.


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