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Discover how to Thrive in the ‘New Normal’, Resolve Crisis, Be the Indispensable Management Partner of your Executive(s) & ‘Future-proof’ your Career!


26 April 2023

8:30 AM – 4:30 PM (CEST)

Venue: Emerald Hotel


28 April 2023

8:30 AM – 4:30 PM (CEST)

Venue: Holiday Inn Skopje



Regular Fee: $189

Participation fee
Training Manual
Lunch and refreshments



Regular Fee: $189

Participation fee
Training Manual
Lunch and refreshments


26 April 2023

8:30 AM – 4:30 PM (CEST)

Venue: Emerald Hotel



Regular Fee: $189

Participation fee
Training Manual
Lunch and refreshments


28 April 2023

8:30 AM – 4:30 PM (CEST)

Venue: Holiday Inn Skopje



Regular Fee: $189 

Participation fee
Training Manual
Lunch and refreshments

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How executive assistants can boost CEOs productivity by 40%

Secrets of the award-winning assistants

Inbox & Calendar Management – Innovative tricks that save time

How to say ‘No’ without saying ‘No’?

How to grab a seat at the table?

How to ‘future-proof’ your career?



  • How executive assistants can boost CEOs productivity by 40%

    • You are not ‘just an admin’ – becoming a strategic management partner
    • Key PA/EA’s quality in the new normal: Resilience
    • Why some assistants make it, and some don’t?
    • The power of professional networking – everyone can do it!
    • What matters in the new world of work, for employers and recruiters
    • Demonstrate your Worth at the workplace
    • How to ‘future-proof’ your career
  • Inbox & Calendar Management - Innovative Hacks that save time & energy

    • How to cut unnecessary emails
    • “The Moving Yellow Box”’ trick for innovative calendar management
    • ‘Color scheme’ for calendar management
    • Negotiation Excellence – every assistant has it / should have it
    • Productivity & Energy Management Hacks: Train your Executive to Do more with less
    • Becoming the tech-savvy assistant
  • Meetings Management - Master all meetings like a pro

    • How to say No without saying No
    • Dealing with difficult people at work
    • How to get a seat at the table for every meeting you want to be
    • Handle, manage and communicate changes with confidence and style
    • How and When an assistant can take initiative(s) and a leading Role to make ‘Executive Decision’ without taking your Executive(s) responsibilities away!
  • Most Common Workplace Issues - Solutions for Modern Assistants

    • “How can I balance when I support 4 totally different executives with different personalities”
    • “I never seem to get clear direction on priorities – How can I know?”
    • “What to do when my executive overrides my calendar appointments and book by themselves”
    • “I’m always taking too much work on my shoulders to appear helpful – the result is a burnout”
    • “I’m 20+ years and feel outdated, by all these millennial professionals coming that are way too tech-savvy”
    • “I chose to work from home, and I feel isolated. How to make myself visible”
    • “I feel like I am never getting a fair performance review. How to speak up for my contributions – way longer than my job description list”
    • “Coworkers are constantly interrupting me – All.The.Time”
    • How to negotiate your terms & achieve everything you’ve worked so hard for
    • How to level-up & Thrive in the New World of Work

A HUGE thank you to YOU Laura and the team and Smart Events for bringing us together in these sessions and allowing us to learn SO MUCH from your experience and expertise!!!!!

I have already taken this class and wow! Great class with life application advice. Well done! Thank you for investing in my education!

Heartfelt thanks to both Laura and SmartEvents….it is awesome that you do this and keep us together and advocate for this amazing profession.

Thank you so much Laura for all the great advice and this great feedback you provide all of us during those admin chats we appreciate so much.

Thank you all for your encouragement! I look forward to learning and gaining from all your knowledge and support! my boss encourages self-growth just want to ensure I take advantage of the opportunity to set the groundwork for the expectation of an EA/ PA! THANK YOU!!

Thank you so much Laura – this session was great and really informative.  Great to be reminded just how great we are :).

Thank you, Laura.  Sitting in on these webinars is such a bonus to me and my attitude.  Thank you for the support and encouragement.

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Worldwide recognized Trainer, Coach and Motivational Speaker

Laura Belgrado holds a bachelor degree in ‘Office and Business administration’ and has over 30 years of experience working in an international corporate environment; 10 years as EA to the Global MD Strategic Accounts @ Microsoft, 3 years working as an independent consultant and joined Mars Belgium as an Associate in 2014. Laura had the opportunity to follow her Executive 2,5 years ago already his new Global role as President KIND International for MARS INC. as the Project Coordinator and EA. She has travelled around the globe coaching & training Assistants of all levels. She is a licensed Executive Coach (AoEC and ICF Certified) and is one of Europe’s most sought-after speaker at Global Conferences in various prominent EA associations in the UK, UAE, Europe, USA & Canada. She has a broad/extensive experience working with top global C-level Executives as their trusted EA. In the past 14 years, Laura has been designing & delivering trainings & coaching programs for Assistants, using her own experience but implementing each time new ideas & ways of working. Her workshops have been designed with flexible modules on different topics and Laura’s strength is to create each time tailor-made trainings depending on the need of the audience. Her passion for the Profession of the Assistant together with her determination to create awareness, motivate & inspire is what has touched so many. Laura is a true linguist, fluent with excellent writing & communication skills in 5 languages (Dutch, French, English, German & Spanish). Laura’s innovative ways of working & thinking out of the box will make your Assistants not only grow within their role & find their personal strengths & bring back their awareness of the importance of their role as EA/PA & lead by example. A well trained & motivated assistants will bring a high ROI to any company. It is key for any Assistant to gain new ideas to rethink their WOW (ways of working) to continue to support & assist the great ‘Leaders and Managers’ of today.

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Smart Events International is a leading corporate education provider, organizing specialized workshops and in-house trainings in Europe, USA & Canada with world top trainers and mentors.

Our core mission is to help our trainees have a better life by helping them learn smart techniques to advance in their careers.

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In these challenging times we feel like it is our responsibility now, more than ever to help you work smarter, stay focused, motivated and gain the essential skills and knowledge to thrive in the new, partly virtual workplace.

Therefore we are packing and putting all of our expertise and knowledge in these webinars to help you thrive and shine in these tough times!


Priceless to get a relevant reminder of how important our job is to organisations. Lovely tips and personal experiences to share! Thank you for this new encouragement!

Super fun, interesting and extremely valuable class, thank you.

This is an amazing training which reminds us that being an assistant is important and we need to respect ourselves to be respected.

Good structure (exercises, interactions), new inputs, fresh and developed methods.

Thank you for the great session. So refreshing! Glad to hear examples from various companies.Great organization, thank you.

Very entertaining & funny! What a confidence boost!

It was amazing! Laura is great, learned so much in one day and met so many great people.

The day was full of new and useful information. The group activities allowed us to hear different opinions and solutions. Thank you Smart Events!

Thank you for this great experience Smart Events!

Loved the seminar! Could listen Laura for weeks! Found a new love for my job and once again I’m proud of what I do and of what I achieved as an executive assistant. I will definitely come back for another seminar by Smart Events!

The best training I have attended so far. Thanks Smart Events!

Very motivational and great speaker! Great information and felt rejuvenated and passionate again about my job!

This was the best conference that I attended!!! Thank you so much I can’t wait to put the things I’ve learned into practice.

Laura is an excellent speaker, easy to understand. Provided wonderful experiences and examples.

This seminar has changed my life! I am going to recommend to every EA at work. So glad I came. Thank you!

Extremely relevant. I feel more confident with my capacities after today thank you!

This has been a very exciting course! I would definitely recommend this curse to other EA’s

Looking forward to putting the new skills to good use.

Really really interesting & give me the strength to go further & improve my position.

Event very well organized. Laura is inspiring, brilliant, smart & funny! Really appreciated the training, thank you!

Very passionate, inspiring and motivating. Thank you.

This was a wonderful opportunity to develop a new perspective on the EA role.

Amazing! WOW! Exceeded my expectations! Remotivated me to become the EA I know I am!

Thanks a lot! Very interesting Masterclass.

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